“ For us having a January baby means as a parent you want the celebration not to blend in with Christmas. Raine was Pikachu at my son’s 7th birthday Party. She won the boys over immediately with her knowledge on Pokemon. Thank you Raine for making Jacks day unforgettable.  Raine is brilliant at Party Entertaining. The boys loved their poke ball face painting and particular enjoyed smashing the piñata.”

Geraldine Bennett

“ Raine is so lovely and is great with young kids. I would recommend her highly to parents looking for a fun, reliable and affordable entertainer for their children’s parties.”

Rae Terry

“ Raine is incredible! For a young teen she has an amazing ability to captivate her young audiences and make sure everyone is involved and having fun. My child is painfully shy but Raine had her dancing and singing with her friends immediately. Raine has boundless energy, a huge amount of patience and is the most well mannered teen I’ve met in a really long time. She’s also very affordable, underpriced I’d say for what she provides. I’d highly recommend her for your child’s party. ”

Brette Oberoi

“ Absolutely loved the artwork on my kids faces by Raine Dawson. Thank you again for making Zane’s party so special. The boys were really impressed how Raine knew what all the Pokémon evolved into.”

Tina Safaya

“Raine is an inspirational young girl, highly motivated and enthusiastic. Please show her that we mere adults appreciate these traits and support her venture. Help her to build the confidence and belief in her ability to achieve and create wonderful experiences for others.”

Wayne Woodward

“ Alexandria had her 8th birthday today.  She wanted a Pokemon themed Pool Party!  We dont have a pool. Raine Dawson suggested we meet at Victoria Park where she was dressed as Pikachu.  It was a particularly hot day but that didn’t slow Raine down.  The girls were playing running games and limbo in the shade and they loved the Star Piñata. Raine kept the girls giggling before they went to swimming. Looking forward to rebooking Raine for a DJ Disco Party next year! ”

Linda Stevens

“My daughter attended a Magic Party hosted by Raine Dawson on the weekend. So inspiring watching a young teen engage with small children. She clearly had a party plan but also allowed the children to vote on multiple games. The limbo was the crowds favourite. Raine is well spoken, polite and fun. Her ability to keep everyone busy and happy meant the parents could relax. Happy to recommend Raine as a Party Entertainer.”

Genevieve Simmons

“ My son claims at the grand age of six that he is too old to get his face painted anymore.  He must have forgotten his firm statement when he saw Raine dressed up as Pikachu and was painting poke balls on all of his mates! The boys were very interested in her knowledge of Pokemon.  It was lovely to be able to relax with the mums while Raine took control seemingly effortlessly of ten six year old boys! ”

Vivian Phillips

“ My son Edward had his 9th Magic birthday Party last weekend and it was hosted by a talented 14 year old girl. Raine Dawson was recommended to us and I am not one for social media but I was compelled to write a testimonial given how pleased I was on the day. I saw Raine has experience beyond her years first hand with children. Raine is remarkable, unforgettable and affordable. No need to wish her success in the future, she is well on her way. ”

Ella Simpson

“ Pin in the tail on the Donkey, Limbo, Magic Show, Face Painting, Bubble Machine, there was plenty to do and see at our cousins birthday party last weekend. Raine Dawson from Magic Pikachu Parties knows how to keep the attention of small children. Nothing like smiling happy giggling little faces. Thank you Raine. ”

Sarah Manning

“ My daughter Sophia had her 7th Pokemon birthday party on the weekend.  She chose a Unicorn piñata that was filled with treats and toys. Raine solely managed the party activities better then any Adult party host that we have used in previous years. Prior to the party Raine spent time with Sophia on the phone to organise favourite songs on her custom playlist for the party. I was impressed on so many levels with Raine attention to detail. I have no hesitation in recommending Raine Dawson to host children’s birthday parties. Thank you Raine for making Sophia’s birthday unique.”

Samantha Watkins

“ Our whole family had such a wonderful time celebrating my nieces birthday party! Raine did such an amazing job being a Magician and she had all twelve children under her spell for hours.”

Isabela Oliver

“ Two days ago my son Michael turned five. He wanted a Jungle Party with a Magic Show. So lucky Raine Dawson was recommended to us and was able to bring a Lion Piñata and hold the attention of small children for a Magic Show. If any of my children grow up as polite and creative as Raine I will be pleased.  14 Years old and running her own successful business, incredible! Due to Raine’s age her mother Alison stayed and to be on hand if Raine needed assistance, which she didn’t, Raine knows her way around small children. As Raine said goodbye Michael ran and threw himself at her for a hug and didn’t want to let go. The party was a success. Thank you Raine you have left a lasting impression on Michael and our family and friends. ”

Toni Rodgers

“ Thank you Raine for making Ava’s party so special. Raine was so much fun! The Pokemon themed music really set the mood on her arrival. Ava and her friends kept patting Raine’s Pikachu Onesie, and enjoyed having their photos taken with her after she painted poke balls on their faces.  Raine’s party plan was well thought out, everything just flowed smoothly, which is difficult for myself to coordinated as a parent. I highly recommend Raine to host children’s parties.”

Patricia Miller

“Raine’s magic show kept everyone guessing.  She had an instant report with all the children at our daughters birthday party, she is magnetic. The inflatable limbo and custom music kept the children continuously dancing, singing and smiling. Raine has a lovely demeanour and I feel confident her prices will not remain low for a long time.  We have already locked her in for next year as I understand she doing a DJs course and will be adding a DISCO Party to her Party Packages.”

Christina Shore

“Raine is outstandingI She knows her craft, my two boys tested her knowledge on Pokemon repetitively, and to their delight she knew every region and what each Pokemon evolved into.  After exhausting them and their mates with running games she rewarded them with decent prizes.  All the boys got a kick out of her good old fashioned games like Pin the Tail on the Pikachu and the Poke ball and Spoon Race.  To think I selected her because she was the most reasonable price, I was so pleased I could take a breath while she had the boys engaged the whole party. I highly recommend her.”

Caroline Willis
Magic Pikachu Parties | Sydney, Australia